Straight Razor Shaves in San Fernando Valley

On August 25, 2012

Where else can you come and relax from a long day of work but the barbershop! Whether you have a full beard, a goatee, a fine line, or no facial hair Headquarters Barber Studio is where you need to go to get the best shave.  Gene is the owner and he will make sure that he takes care of your need with fine attention to detail. Caucasian, Hispanic, or Asian Gene’s skilled hands glide the razor like a feather over your face.  He uses a old fashioned straight razor handle with a clean and new razor each time. He has special products to help it glide to keep you free of knicks, and leaves your skin subtle and smooth.  The foam he uses is top of the line and dispenses from a old school barber latherizer. The best part of the whole experience is you get to lay back in a real barber chair, take a snooze, and have real hot steam towels with a eucalyptus fragrance cover your face.  If you have never had a straight razor shave this is a treat!  We have heard of other barbers using foam from a can, no hot towels, no real barber chairs to lean back, and even barbers that use safety razors.  Dont settle for that, get a real old fashioned straight razor shave and feel what it is like to pamper yourself and look professionally groomed for that special event, wedding, audition, or job interview.  Not only will you get great service, you will have a new friendly barber that offers a family friendly environment!  Come and see for yourself the best barber in all of Reseda, CA at 7027 Reseda Blvd, Reseda CA 91335. (818) 708-8410.  Walk ins or appointments are accepted.

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